Book now and also get 10% discount! Kri Kri ibex hunting in Greece!

Book now and also get 10% discount! Kri Kri ibex hunting in Greece!

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The Peloponnese peninsula on the Greek Mainland is usually described as the 'genuine' Greece. This is since it has managed to stay relatively unblemished by mass tourism as well as preserves a lot of its traditional charm. Peloponnese is the location for you if you're looking for an authentic Greek experience. And also what better means to discover this lovely area than on one of our outside searching, fishing, as well as complimentary diving scenic tours?

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There is no collection variety of Ibexes, as the populace varies. The Kri-Kri is the tiniest ibex varieties (Capra Aegagrus Cretica) in terms of body weight, but it has some long horns. Despite the fact that some specimens were determined at 115 centimeters in size, they were not counted in the survey. Hunting of the Kri-Kri ibex is presently happening in Greece. An Ibex gold trophy procedures 24 inches long. Searching is allowed on Atalanti and Sapientza islands. On Atalanti, hunting is permitted from the recently of October to the first week of December. Hunting in Sapientza is allowed the whole month of November, presuming the climate agrees with.


On our Peloponnese tours, you'll get to experience all that this amazing region has to use. We'll take you on a scenic tour of a few of the most historic as well as attractive websites in all of Greece, consisting of old damages, castles, as well as extra. You'll likewise get to experience a few of the traditional Greek culture direct by appreciating some of the delicious food as well as wine that the area is recognized for. As well as certainly, no trip to Peloponnese would be total without a dip in the shimmering Mediterranean Sea! Whether you're a seasoned hunter seeking a new vacationer or a brand-new experience just seeking to check out Greece's sensational landscape, our Peloponnese excursions are best for you. So what are you awaiting? Book your journey today!

If you're looking for a genuine Greek experience, after that look no further than our outdoor hunting in Greece with angling, and also free diving scenic tours of Peloponnese. This is a remarkable way to see everything that this outstanding area needs to provide. Book your excursion today!

15 Best Places To Visit in Peloponnese


Pylos has been inhabited since the Neolithic period, and it is historically known as Navarino, a town in southern Greece. It was once the capital of Mycenaean Greece, home to the so-called Nestor Palace, excavated near Pylos, which is mentioned in Homer’s Iliad. The Franks constructed the Old Navarino fortress in 1280 on the site. Between 1417 and 1500, Venice controlled Pylos and its bay. Pylos was controlled by the Ottoman Empire from 1417 to 1500, when the Ottomans built the New Navarino fortress. Navarino was used as a naval base by the Ottoman Empire, and it was a naval base.

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